PLW Technical Solution For Chain:

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PLW Technical Solution For Chain:

Replacing stainless steel chain with nickel plated carbon steel chain ,It make a big different.

We have a client who have been cooperating with us for long time , an Electronic Product Factory.

Electronic factory used to use SS35-1 Stainless steel chain, for this chain can prevent the machine and product from stain. But the Product line in electronic factory operate long time and always work in the high speed situation. It is easy to wear and tear the stainless chain, and expend it length Because the Stainless steel is not very good wear resistance, Hence the life expectancy of Chain will be shorten so much. My clients complain about this situation for me ,hope we can help to figure out a way to strengthen the intensity of the chain.

According to our client’s requirement ,we make a new method.

The solution:

We take Carbon steel chain 35-1 with nickel plating as alternatives. We are surprised for the merit of this chain. It not only maintain the chain bright and clean but also extend the life expectancy of chain double than before. What’ more , by using this material we reduce the 50% more manufacture cost.